About US

Young Peace Brigades since its formation in Ghana in 2004 has had one goal in mind: Creating hope in the lives of boys and girls.

The organization focuses primarily on the promotion of Healthy Living, Education, Advocacy Campaigns on contemporary issues, Human Rights, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene- (WASH), Livelihood/Agriculture and Peace Education whiles creating an enabling environment to address the causes of poverty, inequality (ies) and forced migration which is essential in a country where over 50% of young adults are jobless, 30% trying to leave the country and where families live in the kind of brutal poverty and hardship that cannot be overcome by just hard work.

YPB is focused on tackling poverty through promoting access to opportunities for community education, economic development, and health services through volunteerism and community self-help initiatives in Africa


Young Peace Brigades aims to create a supportive environment for the survival and the development of communities by encouraging local initiatives for sustainable economic development and environmental awareness.


An organization committed to building together a world in which peace, justice, solidarity, human dignity, sustainable development and respect for nature prevail.